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Chapter Topics ~ Spring 2022

Professional Development

IACRL People's Choice Award in Scholarly Publishing

The 2022 IACRL People's Choice Award in Scholarly Publishing votes are counted! Congratulations to:

  • Jung Mi Scoulas, PhD, University of Illinois Chicago, who received the highest number of votes, for the article "Student Voice in Administrative Decision-making: Inclusive Planning during the Pandemic" in Journal of Library Administration (co-written with Elena Carrillo & Linda Naru, University of Illinois Chicago).
  • Amelia Brunskill, University of Illinois Chicago, who received second place with the article "'Without that Detail, I'm not Coming': The Perspectives of Students with Disabilities on Accessibility Information Provided on Academic Library Websites" which appears in College & Research Libraries.
  • Gwen Gregory, Northern Illinois University, received third place, with the book chapter, "Retreating to Advance Together: Communicating through Internal and External Retreats," published in Edwards & Mackenzie's Telling the Technical Services Story.

Each year the Illinois ACRL chapter Awards Committee hosts the IACRL People's Choice Award in Scholarly Publishing. This award gives academic and research librarians throughout Illinois the opportunity to read and evaluate scholarly works by their peers and then vote on a favorite. It also presents Illinois research and academic librarians with the opportunity to share their findings outside of a conference or other formal setting. IACRL seeks submissions on all subjects relevant to Illinois academic and research libraries.

All entrants must be a current employee of an Illinois academic or research library. All staff are eligible, regardless of level of education, including whether the individual possesses a master's degree in library science. Membership in ILA and IACRL is not required, if they are affiliated with an Illinois academic or research library or organization.

The three winners will present on their articles either at future meetings of the IACRL Journal Club or in a separate webinar. The presentations will be announced via IACRL listserv, website, and social-media pages.

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