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Chapter Topics ~ Spring 2018

ACRL Newsletter

Professional Development Opportunities

New England Chapter Leadership Development Committee
The mission of the Leadership Development Committee (LDC) is to bring affordable leadership workshops/training opportunities to our Chapter members. Often librarians (and we are certain we're not the only profession) find ourselves moving up into leadership roles and management positions without having had much more than the core management courses in library school.  It can be hard to find training opportunities that are affordable, we work on finding speakers (from both inside and outside our profession) as well as other options such as webinars hosted by different sites in the region for small group discussions.

Our spring event, Managing vs Leading: Identifying Strategies for Success will feature experienced HR Executive, Kim McCauley, as our keynote/workshop facilitator and a panel of three experienced librarians (Diane Klare, Kim Sweetman, and Carolyn Gamtso) to discuss the differences between management and leadership and provide tools to help people, who are either managers or considering becoming one, to step into the role of a leader.  For more information, contact LDC Co-Chair Kari Mofford.


Minnesota Chapter of ACRL presents "Member Engagement Through Dialogues and Social Events"

The Academic and Research Libraries Division (ARLD) of the Minnesota Library Association (MLA) presented "Member Engagement Through Dialogues and Social Events" at its March 23rd, 2018 conference.




Send us your Best Practices and Professional Development Events and Strategies- Topics may include the following but are not limited to:
  • Managing membership
  • Running a non-profit organization 
  • Website design 
  • Demonstrating the value of membership/increasing membership
  • Working with vendors 
  • Soliciting speakers

Chapters Council Roster

 Rachel M. Minkin 
​ Chair 



 Leslin Charles 


 Edward J. Rock 


 Nancy J. Weiner 
 Past Chair 


 Natalie A. Burclaff 
​ Secretary 


 Ryan Gjerde 
​ List Administrator 


 Cynthia Coulter 
 LibGuide Administrator 


 Heather A. Dalal 
​ LibGuide Administrator 


 Mariel Colbert 
 Staff Liaison 


 Christina Prucha 
​ Legislation Assembly