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Chapter Topics ~ Fall 2018

Professional Development Opportunities & Publications


Timber!: ACRL Chapters Should Make Some Noise

If a tree falls in the woods without anyone to hear it, does it make a sound? We assume that members of ACRL have at least a general understanding of the organization and how ACRL fits into their careers as college and research librarians. But how do these members relate to their local ACRL chapters? That question is impossible to answer in the context of 300 words, but it is something that we—as new leaders of the Tennessee ACRL Chapter—have decided to try and answer over the next year.

The Tennessee Library Association’s College and Universities Roundtable (the vehicle of the Tennessee ACRL chapter) is working with the new Access and Patron Services Roundtable to provide a regular, member-informed newsletter with news, updates, and stories of potential interest to ACRL members in Tennessee. While we are two fellow members with our own perspectives of what is important to ACRL members, we do not have all the answers. As such, our initial newsletter sent in October includes a survey through which members can provide feedback and direct the focus of future newsletters. Our hope is that this resource adds value for those who read it by creating a greater sense of community among Tennessee ACRL members, and thus adds to the value of their ACRL memberships.

Perhaps another newsletter is not the best option for every ACRL chapter. Still, there is a sense of opportunity left on the table when more is not done to engage ACRL members at the chapter level. We do not doubt that the national ACRL membership will continue to be an important resource to all college and research librarians. But if we want to members to take part in the activities of the chapter, we have to make sure that falling trees are heard!

By Joseph Winberry ~ Chair,Tennessee ACRL Chapter / Tennessee Library Association’s College and University Libraries Roundtable

By Ashley Roach ~ Freiman: Vice Chair, Tennessee ACRL Chapter/Tennessee Library Association’s College and University Libraries Roundtable / Chair, Tennessee Library Association’s Access and Patron Services Roundtable


Send us your Best Practices and Professional Development Events and Strategies- Topics may include the following but are not limited to:
  • Managing membership
  • Running a non-profit organization 
  • Website design 
  • Demonstrating the value of membership/increasing membership
  • Working with vendors 
  • Soliciting speakers

Chapters Council Roster

 Rachel M. Minkin 
​ Chair 



 Leslin Charles 


 Edward J. Rock 


 Nancy J. Weiner 
 Past Chair 


 Natalie A. Burclaff 
​ Secretary 


 Ryan Gjerde 
​ List Administrator 


 Cynthia Coulter 
 LibGuide Administrator 


 Heather A. Dalal 
​ LibGuide Administrator 


 Mariel Colbert 
 Staff Liaison 


 Christina Prucha 
​ Legislation Assembly