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Chapter Topics ~ Spring 2023

Message from the Interim Chapters Council Chair

I hope everyone has had a safe and productive 2023 so far. For those of you who attended ACRL in Pittsburgh, I hope you were able to reconnect with current colleagues and make some new contacts. To everyone attending ALA Annual in Chicago, best wishes for safe travels and an informative and engaging meeting.

Chapters Council will hold its summer meeting virtually in June, outside of the ALA Annual dates. Please watch the Chapters Council space on ALA Connect for the date and time, along with access information, once we have the meeting on the calendar. If you know of a presenter who would be willing to speak on a topic of interest to ACRL statewide and regional chapters, please e-mail me at

Although Chapters Council will not hold a formal meeting during ALA Annual, I hope we can have an informal “after-hours” gathering, either as a standalone event or in conjunction with another ACRL group. This would give our members an opportunity to network with each other, while possibly building connections with other ACRL leaders.

As I write this, Chapters Council does not currently have anyone on the ballot for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect and Secretary. If that situation has not changed by the time this newsletter goes to press, then please consider nominating yourself or another current ACRL statewide or regional chapter board member. The elections will take place at the June meeting.

Finally, I would like to thank Dawn Behrend, who is finishing her year as Past Chair and will rotate off the Chapters Council board. Some of you may be aware that she won election for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect of ACRL’s College Libraries Section, so please join me in wishing her well as she moves on to this new leadership position.

Eric Edwards
Chair, ACRL Chapters Council

Interlibrary Loan Librarian, Illinois State Library
w: 217-558-1928 | e:
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Spring 2023

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